Acuvance blaze

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It is a high torque capacitor that has achieved the maximum capacity in the successive Chevalier series.

In order to enhance the [feeling of grounding when the rotation rises], which contradicts the feeling of power of a large-capacity capacitor, a newly developed surge control circuit is installed, and in addition to the high efficiency and high power characteristics unique to the Chevalier series, a controllable drive fee Realized the ring.

A competitive capacitor that is highly effective in all categories, regardless of whether it is brushed or brushless (with or without boost turbo).

[Connection with ESC] In
order to maximize the effect of this product, we recommend direct connection with ESC (battery connection terminal) by soldering.
Even when connecting with a connector, etc., if there is no problem with the energized state of the connector contacts, sufficient performance will be exhibited, but the maximum effect can be obtained by connecting directly, so please try it.

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