Acuvance Electronic Balancer - COA 5G

Acuvance Electronic Balancer - COA 5G

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device that specializes in rectifying the current of electronic devices such as ESCs, batteries, and servos.


[Main effect]


In addition to a powerful feeling of acceleration in the medium to high speed range, the controllability of the machine is greatly improved, and a more direct and dynamic throttle feeling can be obtained.

By stabilizing the battery voltage, it suppresses voltage fluctuations during driving.



It is effective regardless of the category such as drift, grip, buggy, vehicle size, and whether or not a wireless device is installed.

It can be used regardless of the type of battery for electric RC cars.

Since the composition and characteristics are different from those of Actron and Chevalier series (capacitors), each effect can be obtained by using them together.

The effect of this product lasts semi-permanently.

We recommend that you install the latest firmware when using it in combination with AIRIA.

Connect this product to the battery terminals (plus / minus) of ESC with solder.

The original weight is as light as 5g (excluding the cable part), and it is possible to use it as an unprecedented [setting weight that enhances driving performance] because it brings a higher effect by installing multiple.

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