Acuvance Fledge High Speed Black Rotor - LV30

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Like the standard FLEDGE rotor, it is a high power and high speed black rotor exclusively for FLEDGE. Uses a neodymium magnet with the highest class of high heat resistance.




By adopting [M.F.C.S.], it is possible to change the rotation and torque characteristics of the motor without impairing the balance such as weight moment.


* [M.F.C.S.] is the industry's first feature in ACUVANCE LUXON AGILE.




※The motor character are going to a rotary type as the LV value decreases, and a torque type as the LV value increases.


※The standard rotor is LV38.


※Not compatible with LUXON AGILE, LUXON BS, LUXON KG, and LUXON.

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