BAT-SAFE Mini LiPo Charging Safe Box

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LiPo batteries can be dangerous and BAT-SAFE provides the safest experience over all others. Whether it will be storing, transporting or most importantly charging.


We highly recommend all LiPo batteries should be charged and stored in a BAT-SAFE box and not a LiPo bag.


The BAT-SAFE is a double-walled insulated steel box with a flame arrestor. Any battery within the specifications will not be a fire hazard if charged or stored inside the BAT-SAFE.


In case of a fire, the smoke and soot is also filtered by the flame arrestor.

You can charge and store up to 2 pcs of 3S 2200mAh equivalent (50Wh) safely inside the BAT-SAFE MINI.


Do not exceed the manufacturers recommendation for maximum 50Wh for charging. 


So using the example below a 2S (7.4v) 6700mAh LiPo is the largest battery that can be charged in a BAT-SAFE MINI. 


Wh = V x A


1 LiPo – 2S (7.4v) x 6700 (6.7A) mah = 49.6 Wh 

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