D magic spoiler dm2 300

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■ Product Description ■

This product is a detail-up part for 1/10 radio-controlled cars.
It was developed with the concept of a new dress-up for the drift body.
Since it has standard product dimensions, it can be installed in various vehicle models.
Due to the nature of urethane resin molded products, pinhole holes may occur slightly.
If necessary, perform surface treatment using a surfacer or the like.
For painting, we recommend using lacquer paint for models.
When painting with polycarbonate color, a clear coat will give a more beautiful finish.

Spoiler body: Urethane resin
mounting screw: 2

* Although the design is designed with consideration for strength, avoid pulling the body strongly or making a large impact.

■ Product dimensions ■

Overall width: Approximately 185mm
Mounting stay pitch: Approximately 135mm
Spoiler height: Approximately 12mm (when mounted) For

mounting, make a 3mm hole in the trunk (rear) of the body and fix it with screws.
If necessary, use washers to reinforce the area around the mounting holes.
* Some parts may need to be processed depending on the body shape.


Due to manufacturing reasons, black resin may be mixed in the
product, but it does not affect the strength of the product itself or the painting process, so please forgive it.

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