Od3720 1.2 7 20mm

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Contains 2x 20mm springs, 2x helper springs and 2x collars

The OD High Performance Shock Spring New Spec Series !
Two new types are now available: single for front rolling and twin for traction ! !

Introduce a total of 6 set of 2 types of OD high performance shock spring series. There are 3 types of spring rates for each of the single type with wire diameter of ⌀1.3, which emphasizes front line tracing performance and rolling, and the twin type with wire diameter of ⌀1.2, which emphasizes traction performance and uses helper springs. The wire diameter ⌀1.3 series has a 25 mm free length. Designed for a quick characteristic and quickly add the load on the tire, turns it into a traction force. The wire diameter of ⌀1.2 has a 20 mm free length, which is an ultra-short type and uses a helper spring. This makes it possible to secure a large amount of rebound against the spring rate, improved road contact and traction performance.

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