Overdose Adjustable Aluminium Rear Upright For OD/YD-2

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Introducing adjustable aluminum rear upright. The 2 piece structure of axle mount and the upright base allows various adjustments on toe angles, treads and axle heights. ・Now available in 3 toe angles (0°,1°, 2°) by changing the screw positions, making quantitative settings possible. ・Having 5 mounting positions for the upper arms accommodates wide range of settings. ・Tread width can be adjusted by changing the size of spacers between the axle mount and the upright base. ・Reversing the axel mount creates the choice of standard or 2mm lower positioning of the axle shaft. ・Steel made adopter pipe is placed at the suspension pin hole. Applicable to 2mm and 2.6mm pins. This makes it compatible with Yokomo YD chassis as well as OD chassis. ・Includes the original axle shafts. A shorter Drive shaft (approx. 3mm) is required. ・The original axle shaft optimizes the drive shaft length and angles, improving the traction capability.

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