Overdose body mounts

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Introducing Aluminum Rear Body Mount from OVERDOSE !

Fit for OD Real Body Catch Mount on the rear body mounting position and design for standard magnet type body mount.


Previously, the rear side of body shell was attached by the body post of the rear shock tower, but this aluminum body mount moves to the backside of the chassis. The position of the body post moves backward in 3 steps of 45 (43) mm, 50 (48) mm, 55 (53) mm * () is the outer dimension. You can choose the width position from 88mm inside or 108mm outside. Adjust with spacers in the width direction to fit various bodies. Design for the OD real body catch mount and fit for standard type magnet body mount on the M3 screw hole on the top of the post. Available in purple, red and black colors.

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