Overdose / OD3546 / Triple Link Steering Wiper Set for GALM series /

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Adopted OD's new innovation design [Triple Link System] !

A new steering wiper design leads ackermann setting to a new frontier !!


New [Triple Link System] which is able to adjust the track of the link part, it was difficult to change as before. Set the process of changing the Ackermann ratio until reaching the maximum steering angle.


A newly designed triple link system that splits the steering link into left and right with a control link.

Adjustable 3-step control link length. The tie rod track can be adjusted without changing the positional relationship of the tie rod in neutral position.

3 places the mounting position of the left and right wipers. The base link is movable in 3 stages.

Total 11 ball bearings ensure smooth movement.

Tilt the steering wiper base forward 5 degrees to reduce bumpsteer changes during steering.

Note1. Some hole positions cannot be used when used with a standard plastic bulkhead.

Note2. Can Not be used for OD2663-5 Aluminum Front Bulkhead Type-2.

Note3. Recommended to use with OD3438-40 Aluminum Front Bulkhead Type-3 (For GALM series).

Note4. It may interfere depending on the mounting height of the front rear side suspension mount.

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