Pandora RC / PAB-3122 / Mazda RX-7 (FD3S

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Width: 194mm

Wheel Base : 257-260mm



1/10 use

The product is non-painting

Body made by polycarbonate

Decare & masking is attached

Rear light parts attachment made by polycarbonate

Front & Rear bumper (anomalous style parts)

The image of the publication is a painting example

The sale product becomes the clear body

The accessories such as a mirror or the windshield wiper are not in the product

Made in Japan

Approval by Mazda Motor Corporation

* The photo is an example of a painted work, and there are cases where parts, decals, etc. that are not included are used.


You can download the masking pattern here: Masking Pattern Download List / Explainer Video

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