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PULSE MASTER [Acuvance] 60682 (OP-15120)


In controlling the RC model, various devices such as ESC are controlled by digital signals.

Of course, there is some signal loss in this waveform, and the user unconsciously compensates for it with their finger sensations.


This product “PULSE MASTER” is a completely new device that specializes in correcting this signal loss.

For example, during a chase that requires the most detailed throttle work in drifting, you can achieve a sharper run by faithfully following your finger movements.

Similarly, it is highly effective in time races such as On-road and Off-road racing.

It is a completely new device that has never existed before, and it is recommended to use it together with [ACUTRON] and [COA-5G] as well as [Chevalier Series] for battery output correction and [TRACE Series] for RX (Receiver).

This product is for intermediate and advanced users who can experience the interlocking of finger operation and car movement.

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