Yokomo Rookie Drift RD1.0 Assemble kit

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The new "Rookie Drift RD1.0" is an assemble drift car with a flexible and highly adaptable resin main chassis and sealed gearbox that is ideal for street drifting! The double wishbone suspension, supported by oil-filled dampers and drift-spec springs, ensures that the car stays in contact with the road surface, and combined with the steering that has an unparalleled angle of attack, allows the car to be driven at deep drifting angles. The responsive 3-gear transmission contributes to optimized weight balance and reduces understeer, which can be fatal in drifting, for drifting with greater range.

The standard kit can be adapted to various driving conditions by changing the settings, but by incorporating the many optional parts that are already available, an original machine with even higher driving performance can be completed. From suspension settings to drivetrain tuning, carbon parts for weight reduction and aluminum parts for increased rigidity, you can enjoy a menu just like an actual tuning car


■ 3-gear rear transmission 

■ Sealed gearbox 

■ Integrated resin front bulkhead 

■ 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension 

■ High performance ride height adjustable oil damper 

■ One-piece resin main chassis 

■ 13-step adjustable aluminum motor mount 

■ RWD-specific high-angle steering system 

■ 49mm bone rear universal 

■ 49mm bone rear universal shaft 

■ LS rear lower suspension arms 

■ Newly designed narrow scrubbing knuckles 

■ Large rear diffuser

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