RDR-020 - Yokomo Rookie Drift RD2.0 Assemble kit

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The "Rookie Drift RD2.0" is a new basic machine released by Yokomo, a pioneer in the field of drift R/C racing. The base specs have been enhanced by improving the steering angle and securing rear grip, etc., so that even first-time drifters can enjoy this machine. The chassis configu- ration is also designed with future expansion in mind, and can be customized with optional parts.


In addition to the standard assembly kit, a value-priced kit with a YG-302V2 steering gyro is also available, ideal for first-time drift RC challengers.






■ New gearbox (4 gears) 


■ Front sus mount (43.5mm) 


■ Rear mount for new short rear sus arm 


■ New main chassis with standard rear short arm 


■ New upper deck 


■ New battery holder (for short and standard)


■ New steering wiper and steering rack 


■ New rear ESC mount as standard equipment 


■ New front knuckle (using SD2.0 standard) 


■ New rear hub (using SD2.0 standard) 


■ Revised gearbox position 


■ New front suspension arms (with 4.5mm rods) 


■ New front upper arm

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