Ronin rc drift track

Posted by Dale Clements on

So this week saw us at ronin rc drift track 

What a epic day with some fantastic food and great friends .

From the moment we walked in people were rc drifting.

And it carried on through out the day 

In the middle of the day we played some drift games 

At one point there was 27 rc drift cars on the track it was epic 

We also did some 360 entry's and a parking challenge 

It was such a buzz to be a part of

one of the reasons why

i love rc drifting so much is the community. 

Can't wait to see you all trackside soon

For some more epic rc drifting action 

Feel free to check out our social media for more rc drift cars goin crazy 

Also if anyone is thinking of getting into rc drift cars then don't hesitate to contact us 

We are always very happy to help 

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  • Yer very good day super talented people with a lot of help and information, would really recommend.

    Smiler on

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