Overdose / OD2941 / Adjustable Aluminum Front Upper Arm Type-2 for OD various colours

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Short length upper arm design for expand the possibilities of front suspension setting !

New Adjustable Aluminum Upper Arm Type-2 with adjustable caster angles !!



Introducing Adjustable Aluminum Upper Arm Type-2. Short upper arm length specifications is easy to use standard bulkheads and TC bracket when mounting wide upper arm position. Sets a wide range of suspension geometries depending on the length of the combined ball end. A very compact design helps caster angle adjustment without worrying about interference with push rods. Easy adjusting the caster angle with spacers. The adjustment range is 6 degree, and when used to a standard GALM chassis, it will be 6 to 12 degree. The special designed turnbuckles prevents misalignment by accident. Available in 3 colors: purple, red, and black. A spare upper arm shaft is also available.

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