Yokomo md 2.0 in all 3 colours limited edition

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A new coloured version of the supreme drift car, the Master Drift MD2.0, is now available! 


The main aluminum parts are finished in brightly colored anodized aluminum, which contrasts with the chic matte graphite parts for a captivating look.In particular, distinctive parts such as the front and rear bulkheads and shock towers assert their identity and further enhance the sense of ownership of the machine. 


And in addition to purple and red, this series brings back the blue anodizing that was familiar on Yokomo machines. The blue colour is nostalgic for early drifters, and is the perfect way to rekindle the fun of drifting. The MD2.0 colour version will not be sold as individual parts, but as a limited edition. Please take advantage of this opportunity to purchase this product.

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